At Ryflow Liquid Screed we only use the best screed products and we will only use the best possible liquid screed product for your project. With all our years experience we know what product is best to use and all the right information please see below some of the liquid screed products we use and recommend.

Topflow Screed A

It’s a common problem; time is tight yet the project requirements are many. You need a flooring solution that is both fast and flexible, one that is simple to place providing a high quality surface. Ordinary sand cement screed does not deliver the speed or the versatility. But there is an alternative that ticks all the right boxes, Topflow Screed A from Tarmac.

Topflow Screed A made with a unique synthetic anhydrite binder in place of cement is pump applied due to its fluid consistency. This means that it is easier to lay covering areas of up to 2000m2 in a day. It is thinner than conventional screeds making it the natural choice for underfloor heating systems.

Our Topflow Screed A solutions are part of our wider range of flowing screed solutions.

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Within the Gyvlon® Screed “Environmental screed solutions” range THERMIO®+ Technology improves the performance of underfloor heating systems by creating a screed that is specifically designed to complement low temperature heating systems. Gyvlon® Screed THERMIO®+ is the only screed with a guaranteed thermal performance.  THERMIO®+ screed enables a much faster rise in temperature thanks to its high thermal diffusivity (up to +80% compare to a cement screed), providing quicker response to thermostat changes. Greatly improved comfort, the floor emits the heat in a more efficient and homogeneous way thanks to the exceptional thermal emission value of THERMIO®+ (up to 30%). Maximising your underfloor heating performance. The high efficiency of THERMIO®+ allows your boiler or heat pump to work with a better efficiency, and to make considerable savings on your heat bill (up to 80% saving when using a renewable heat source). For More information please click here.


Within the Gyvlon® Screed ‘Levelling’ range, EXCELIO® Technology has been developed to offer a unique solution for a thin floor construction, specifically targeted to bridge the gap between self-smoothing compounds and bonded screeds.

EXCELIO® is a ready mixed truck delivered screed that can be applied from just 12mm. Up to 83m2 can be achieved for each cubic metre, eliminating the need for an expensive bagged alternative.

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