Please find below a step by step preparation guide on how to prepare for your Liquid screeding. If you need any more advise or wish to book your FREE site visit from one of the Ryflow team contact us today on +44 (0) 1952 883 303   Mob: +44 (0) 7971 834 858

Liquid Screeding

Preparation Step 1 for Liquid Screed

Sweep subfloor clean and remove any debris and high points

Liquid Screed

Preparation Step 2 for Liquid Screed

Lay insulation sheets, staggering joints where possible, fill any voids with sand or expanding foam


Liquid Screed

Preparation Step 3 for Liquid Screed

Lay a 500-gauge polythene membrane over the insulation lapping the joints approximately

Ryflow Liquid Screeding

Preparation Step 4 for Liquid Screed

Tape joints using Duct or Screed tape, avoid creases where possible

Ryflow Liquid Screeding

Preparation Step 5 for Liquid Screed

Fit the perimeter expansion strip to all internal and external walls using a stapler or tape.

Ryflow Liquid Screeding

Preparation Step 6 for Liquid Screed

Fit tight into corners and try to avoid leaving any gaps

Preparation Step 7 for Liquid Screed

Tape the polythene skirt on the perimeter strip down to the 500-gauge membrane to prevent any screed escaping


Ryflow Liquid Screeding

Preparation Step 8 for Liquid Screed

You should now be ready to install a Liquid Screed